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Clinical Liaison PRN Days

Req #: 17004182
Location: Land O' Lakes, FL
Job Category: Clinical/Medical Informatics
Organization: FH Connerton LTAC
Potential Referral Bonus: $

Work Hours/Shift
PRN Days
Florida Hospital Connerton
At Florida Hospital at Connerton Long Term Acute Care, we deliver meaningful care by getting to know our patients and their families. Our 50-bed hospital is designed to serve individuals who have medically complex illnesses requiring additional weeks of specialized hospital care.
The unique care environment of a long-term acute-care hospital means that our patients and their visitors will spend more time with us than at other hospitals. For that reason, we've designed our hospital to be a comfortable environment. Our specially trained staff are not only experts in providing advanced care, but also have friendly, compassionate personalities that help ease the stress that can be associated with long-term illnesses. The 48,000-square foot, one-story Florida Hospital at Connerton Long Term Acute Care features all private rooms, an operating room for minor inpatient procedures, a chapel, inner courtyard and dining area.
You will be responsible for:
  • Meets targeted number of tours for families and referral sources per week.
  • Coordinate/host a minimum of one onsite annual educational program per year for care of providers in market region on an LTAC related topic
  • Works continually to maintain relationships with all referral sources
  • Out of office contact goal is an average of 8 face to face calls per day
  • Participates in community activities including Trade Shows
  • At least one per quarter
  • Timely response to referrals
  • Responds to calls for assessments within one hour of call
  • Works cooperatively with DBD and Admissions coordinator to determine the patients appropriate for admission to the LTAC
  • Goals met for predetermined monthly census
  • Works well with all LTAC departments to the benefit of patients and their families
  • Participates in interdisciplinary collaboration for plan of care for patients and families
  • Displays a customer service attitude toward patients, visitors, staff members and referral sources at all times
  • Demonstrates a supportive learning attitude
  • Exhibits flexibility
  • Open to change
  • Sensitive to department and hospital-wide needs
  • Demonstrates respect for the diversity of other team members
  • Follows Florida Hospital attendance policy
  • Is prompt and on time for meetings and educational programs
  • Maintain high level of fiscal responsibility, always staying within budget for all expenses
  • Timely and accurate reporting of expenses
  • Keeps up to date records for attendees at events
  • Timely and accurate expense reporting
  • Submits expense reports with receipts as well as mileage for reimbursement
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Reports accidents and injuries promptly
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Adheres to Florida Hospital compliance program and policies for all marketing activities
  • Upon request for admission by referring hospitals, timely complete assessments and paperwork to achieve targeted # of admissions per referral facility
  • Meets predetermined # of educational presentations, in-services, and educational activities to key referral sources in territory/quarter
  • Meets budget for facility as set forth in CON
  • Obtains accurate pre-admission assessment with relevant data
  • Patient admitted matches assessment
  • Attends professional seminar or CEU related to a sales/marketing topic
  • Documentation required
  • Participates in development of strategic marketing plan and development of marketing material
  • Participates in development of program that complements LTACH length of stay needs
  • 16 hours of community volunteer hours per year
  • Documentation required
  • Uses skill in improvising
  • Is clever in devising fresh approaches to problem solving
  • Demonstrates patient/customer focused, compassionate behavior.
  • Uses empathic listening to patient/customer and family.
  • Does what is best for the patient/customer
  • Makes improvements by introducing something new.
  • Is a creative risk taker
  • Cooperates and collaborates with team members and others.
  • Achieves consensus/agrees to proceed with no hidden reservation.
  • Models a synergistic approach with staff and others.
  • Takes responsibility for decisions, actions and results.
  • Delivers on commitments
  • Practices financial responsibility.
  • Plans proactively for success
  • Is energetic and energizing.
  • Embraces cultural change.
  • Is enthusiastic and committed
  • Complies with the Employee Code of Conduct.
  • Demonstrates compliance with all federal, state and local laws; rules and government.
  • Verbalizes understanding of reporting process of any actual or perceived violation
  • Recognizes incidents as defined and described in the Hospital’s Institutional Policies and Procedures
  • Understands the method and reasoning for reporting incidents.
  • Demonstrates ability to complete the Hospital’s Incident Report Form.
  • Assists others in recognizing and reducing risk within the department or other areas of the Hospital
  • Follows hospital and departmental Safety policies and procedures.
  • Wears nametag identification and is aware of role in minimizing Security incidents.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of role in Hazardous Materials and Waste Program, including procedures to follow in case of spill.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of role in the Life Safety Program and participates in Fire Drills as appropriate.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of role in Emergency Preparedness Program, participates in Disaster Drills as appropriate.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of role in the Medical Equipment Program and how to report malfunctioning equipment
  • Demonstrates knowledge of role in the Utility Systems Program and the department(s) response to utility failure.
  • Follows hospital and departmental Infection Control policies and procedures.
  • Participates in Quality Improvement activities to improve processes and patient care.
  • Implements actions, as appropriate, recommended by Quality Improvement Teams and the hospital wide Quality Coordinating Council.
  • Demonstrates effective communication skills with all team members, patients and families.
  • Maintains satisfactory participation and attendance at required and non-required meetings and staff development programs.
  • Promotes evidence of adherence to the hospital confidentiality policy.
What will you need:
  • Ability to analyze med par data to develop action plan for increasing referrals.
  • Management of territory to achieve assigned goals for territory growth.
  • Understanding and implementation of the sales call model: precall planning, feature/benefit selling, uncovering objections, overcoming objections, closing
  • Demonstrated ability to present pertinent information to the different groups who will be involved in referral process: physicians, nurses, case managers, hospital administrators, social workers, families and patients.
  • Professional appearance and demeanor at all times.
  • Ability to submit required paperwork in a complete and timely manner.  
  • Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing, or
  • Graduate of an accredited Institution with a degree in Respiratory Therapy
  • Experience within critical care, trauma or other specialty
  • Sales and marketing training experience (Preferred)
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Proof of Insurance, and
  • Either: Current license of Registered Nurse or Licensed Practice Nurse in Florida, or Licensure from another State with verification of application and eligibility for Florida licensure by endorsement, or Current AS degree in Respiratory Therapy or Current Florida Respiratory Therapy Licensure

This facility is an equal opportunity employer and complies with federal, state and local anti-discrimination laws, regulations and ordinances.
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